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Children in Bradford City Park giving the thumbs up

We asked people to share their favourite places with us. You can see what people told us by looking at the interactive map and stories.

We asked people to share their favourite places with us. You can see what people told us by looking at the interactive map and stories.

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Your questions

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    You say in the 2020 manifesto that you want populations to move to service based business, appearing to imply that this is better than manufacturing/making things. We need a Green economy producing local products, real things using local skils and resources. We need to be growing more food locally in an environmentally sustainable way and treating these growers skills with respect and a good salary. The pandemic needs to be factored into the 2020 plan. It must be reviewed. We need to keep money in our local economy not export it to tech companies and large corporations. Courting that culture is unstainable and keeps people in poverty. What are you doing about those things?

    chrishardy asked 5 months ago

    Thank you for your email, your points are well made and we think you will be pleased to note they are reflected in much of our current thinking and actions.  

    It is clear that a lot has changed since the late 1990’s when the original 2020 Vision was developed. Ensuring economic development protects and enhances our physical and natural environments and meeting this generation’s needs without compromising those of future generations is now much more central to our economic vision as outlined in the Bradford District Economic Strategy 2018-2030 that we launched in 2018. A copy of the strategy and the first annual report can be found here.  http://madeinbradford.co.uk/projects/economic-growth-strategy/

    Ensuring a strong, healthy and fair society, living within environmental limits, achieving a sustainable economy and using sound science responsibly will also be the principles at the heart of the recovery from the current corona virus emergency. These principles underpin the Sustainable Development Action Plan agreed by the Council’s Executive at its meeting on 24 March which followed on from Bradford Council passing a motion in January 2019 to declare a climate emergency and commit to a green economy. Bradford has since joined the Leeds City Region Climate Coalition which is aiming for a net zero carbon region by 2038. 

    The plan sets out a package of measures to help tackle climate change while building a sustainable and prosperous economy that works in the interests of everyone and minimises waste and the use of finite natural resources.  The proposed measures are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and will cut carbon and costs, help to reduce household bills through better energy efficiency, improve health and well being and generate new jobs and sustainable economic growth through investment in a green economy. Research undertaken by Leeds City Region suggests that clean growth could add £11bn to the city region economy and create 100,000 extra skilled jobs for local people. More information can be found here: https://www.bradford.gov.uk/environment/climate-change/climate-emergency-and-green-economy/

    Supporting manufacturing and local production is central to this approach. Bradford has 1,200 manufacturing businesses employing 27,000 people – 14 per cent of all employment compared to just 8% nationally and is a strength acknowledged in our economic strategy. The Economic Partnership has made supporting manufacturing a key priority through initiatives such as Manufacturing Week. https://bradfordmanufacturingweek.co.uk/

    Strengthening local supply chains, growing more of our own food and generating our own carbon free energy will also feature in our plans going forward. As an example, Bradford Council is committed to increasing the level of local procurement, making sure that every penny we spend strengthens local businesses and social organisations and supports our wider inclusive economic goals. As part of the economic strategy Bradford Council has set a target of 60 per cent local spend – which will bring an additional £45m into the district’s economy and a potential recirculation of a further £21m. 

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    Can we see a copy of the 2020 Vision to see whether the council achieved any of it and whether the 2040 vision will have any effect? Thanks.

    A Tux asked 8 months ago

    Thanks for your question. The 2020 Vision and a 2020 Review, completed in summer 2019, are available in the document library. The document library can be found in the side bar.